Thursday, April 22, 2010

guilty pleasure #2 + EARTH DAY!

...MOViES. namely, DOCUMENTARIES. le sigh! i truly have a siCK aDDiCTiON to documentaries. is it even possible to BE such a nerd? ...while trying to unwind in your off time???

i suppose it is.

so in lieu of today being Earth Day and the attempts to conserve our energy + natural resources, do something that requires little energy from you/theEarth/thelocalPowerPlant --- get comfy and catch a few flicks on your laptop! :) watch the following list of docs and gain a better understanding of the largest threats we are facing as a human race right now. i had to netflix these - they're not gonna be at the local redbox or dvdplay, my friends.

my top picks for Earth Day 2010:

The Future of Food


End of Suburbia

BLUE GOLD: World Water Wars

.....and after you've settled into the bleakness of it all, these might serve as a reminder to what it is we're fighting for + came from:

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