Wednesday, April 21, 2010

guilty pleasure #1...


...and since i started doing my own nails a year ago, i've become an aDDiCT as well.

don't get me wrong, i was never big on getting fake nails or even simply sporting nailpolish; i guess somewhere along the way i discovered the awesomeness of unique manis and i was hoOKeD. started off with the basic primary colors and mixing what i needed to an eXplosion in color+tools+doodads.

a few rules i gave myself when i started designing&doing my own nails:
1) no repeats - new designs everytime! i haven't worn the same mani twice... and i don't plan to.
2) no reds - though red seems to be everyone's staple 'fem' color, i just don't dig it. no offense ladies+gents, red just ain't a stroke for this folk here.

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