Tuesday, April 27, 2010


animal print/leopard print nails are a dime a dozen -- the web is littered with a million videos/entries/pics of leopard nails. this is probably why i've stayed away from the leopard print thang for so long; i mosdefinitely am NOT tryin' to do anything else like anyone else :P

i finally was inspired to do my own version of some sort of animal print after i saw this video from MissChievous:

i was totally tickled by her color scheme of purple/darkpurple/yellow so i decided to try my hand at the leopard print thang and this is what i came up with:

i used the neon orange from claire's and also a creme gray shade. :)

i do apologize for the bluriness; the neon was hard to capture and the bling straight blinded the camera :'(

Friday, April 23, 2010

twiSTeD & gREEN

dotted madness. an awesome mani that's super easy to do and super easy on the eyes - all winners in my book! :D

these lovelies were inspired by:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

neon pastels + easter

i'm not too big on pastel colors. i guess they've always just been too wimpy and pastey for my taste, but i read a few rave reviews on claire's neon pastel (what an ingenious idea!) nail polish set a few weeks ago and set out to FiND.ME.SoME.

if you know me in real life you'd know i wouldn't be caught DEAD in a mall, but for the good of finding some neon pastels, i braved the horrendous mall for 15 mins --- just enough to pop in and out with 2 sets of neon pastels in hand. :D

i wanted to use all of colors at once (i know i'm so bad), so i did a rainbow-neon-pastel-mani for easter - complete with a slice of fime lime!

very springtimefresh!

guilty pleasure #2 + EARTH DAY!

...MOViES. namely, DOCUMENTARIES. le sigh! i truly have a siCK aDDiCTiON to documentaries. is it even possible to BE such a nerd? ...while trying to unwind in your off time???

i suppose it is.

so in lieu of today being Earth Day and the attempts to conserve our energy + natural resources, do something that requires little energy from you/theEarth/thelocalPowerPlant --- get comfy and catch a few flicks on your laptop! :) watch the following list of docs and gain a better understanding of the largest threats we are facing as a human race right now. i had to netflix these - they're not gonna be at the local redbox or dvdplay, my friends.

my top picks for Earth Day 2010:

The Future of Food


End of Suburbia

BLUE GOLD: World Water Wars

.....and after you've settled into the bleakness of it all, these might serve as a reminder to what it is we're fighting for + came from:

the KiNGS' WAR

what's better than having a killer outfit set aside/put together for an event??? having a set of kiLLeR nAiL$ for that event!!!!!

last month my friends + homies in Los Angeles, CA held their first art gallery show + poppin' battle: the KiNGS' WAR. an all out-n-out BATTLE for superior styles on the dance floor + on the walls. i knew i had to have a set of nails fit for a QUEEN @ this war.

these ultimate badboys were inspired by the one and only QueenofBlending from YouTube. Peep her tutorial here:

to see more pictures and what went down @ the KiNGS' WAR, go here.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

guilty pleasure #1...


...and since i started doing my own nails a year ago, i've become an aDDiCT as well.

don't get me wrong, i was never big on getting fake nails or even simply sporting nailpolish; i guess somewhere along the way i discovered the awesomeness of unique manis and i was hoOKeD. started off with the basic primary colors and mixing what i needed to an eXplosion in color+tools+doodads.

a few rules i gave myself when i started designing&doing my own nails:
1) no repeats - new designs everytime! i haven't worn the same mani twice... and i don't plan to.
2) no reds - though red seems to be everyone's staple 'fem' color, i just don't dig it. no offense ladies+gents, red just ain't a stroke for this folk here.